Car Parking Ventilation design for Carbon Monoxide extraction


The objective of the project is to design the ventilation system for the car parking area for any building CFD. The specific aim is to find the optimal locations, number & configuration of the jet fans required for the ventilation of the car parking lot, for the given positions of inlets and exhaust, and given configuration of the exhaust & Fresh air fans, such that it meets requirements of CO exposure limit set by health and safety regulations.

The mathematical modelling for the analysis involves a few simplifying assumptions and care has been taken to be sufficiently conservative with the assumptions to meet the safety requirements.  At first the analysis was done without
 placing any jet fans. This provides an indication of stagnant areas in the car park. The second analysis is done with Jet Fans operating at Normal Mode speed, placed based on Jet fan locations given by the client, so as to remove the stagnant areas and to check the concentrations of CO in the car park.

Numerical Simulation Results