Fire Simulations for Building, Ships and Trains

We have strong expertise in fire and evacuation risk assessment of passenger ships. We use modern simulation tools to evaluate the alternative design of passenger ships, according to IMO MSC/Circ. 1002. The outcome is safe, comfortable and attractive ship with 

larger uniform spaces than what could be implemented following the conventional design rules.

Fire safety for any construction is most important, as accidental fires can be dangerous. When a fire breaks out in an underground car park of building or in a cabin of ship, a large amount of smoke is generated at high temperature leading to poor visibility and difficulty in evacuation. In most cases, the victims are poisoned or starved of oxygen by the smoke. In addition, the smoke also causes most of the damage to the vehicles. In the event of a fire the first priority is to expel the smoke from the car parking or cabin and installed ventilation system should work efficiently, thereby enabling the quick and safe evacuation of people from the car park or from ship deck and also providing the smoke free area for fire fighters to control the fire.

Matsyateknik has more than 3 years of experience in applying the fire safety engineering (FSE) methods to performance-based design of large buildings. As a result, safe building can be constructed with reduced cost.

 Simulation of smoke propagation inside a car park basement or cabin fire involves modeling heat generation by fire, effects of buoyancy due to temperature and smoke species concentrations and the velocity and pressure variations caused by mechanical ventilation system in operation. This project provides a detailed picture of the smoke path inside the basement and different parameters like smoke concentrations, smoke temperatures and velocity profiles at different times and different positions iside the building. This is difficult to obtain by experiments, because experiments can be time consuming, costly and sometimes fire and smoke related experiments inside the buildings can be dangerous as well.

Fire and evacuation safety of passenger trains 

We have experienced in assessing the evacuation safety of passenger trains in case of fire. The evacuation simulation procedure is applicable to various train scenarios with different geometries and features. The coupling of the FDS+Evac evacuation module with FDS fire simulation program makes it possible to take into account the effects of heat, smoke and toxic gases on the evacuation. Simulations provide a cost-effective method for fire and evacuation safety design of passenger trains.